Frequently asked Questions


How does it work?How does it work? runs a set of probes around the world. Your Prometheus server can request performance and availability metrics about arbitrary targets from these probes. The requests are authenticated by a token which you can generate after signing up.


Let's say you want to get HTTPS metrics about the site as seen from a probe running in Singapore at DigitalOcean. For that you would configure Prometheus to scrape:
At your defined scrape interval, Prometheus will connect to this URL. The prober handles the request by connecting to the specified target, using the specified module and return metrics about it. These metrics are now available in your server to be aggregated, correlated and graphed.

For this to work you need to set `bearer_token` to the auth token you generated in the dashboard. For more details, see the configuration section.

What metrics are provided?What metrics are provided?

Depending on the target configuration, we return different metrics for HTTP, HTTPS, TCP and ICMP connections:

*probe_success1 if request was successful
*probe_durationDuration of the request in seconds
*probe_ip_protocolIP protocol version used (4 or 6)
httpprobe_http_duration_secondsDuration of http request by phase, summed across all redirects (if any)
httpprobe_http_status_codeStatus Code of response
httpprobe_http_redirectsNumber of redirects followed during request
httpprobe_content_lengthContent length in response header
http(s)probe_http_ssl1 if HTTPS is used
httpsprobe_ssl_earliest_cert_expiryTimestamp of earliest expiring certificate

We will continuously extend the metrics we provide. If you're interested in specific protocols or metrics, let us know.

What probe locations are available?What probe locations are available?

We operate probes in San Francisco, New York, Frankfurt, Bangalore and Singapore at DigitalOcean. For details see the configuration section. Soon we'll introduce more regions across multiple cloud providers. We plan to provide coverage in all regions served by the major cloud providers.

How do I get the duration of all successful requests?How do I get the duration of all successful requests?

The `probe_duration` metric reflects the duration of the request, no matter whether it was successful or not. To calculate the duration of successful, or failed, requests only, use binary operators.

Calculate duration of successful requests:

probe_duration_seconds * (probe_success == 1)

Calculate duration of failed requests:

probe_duration_seconds + (probe_success == 0)

How does this service relate to the Prometheus Blackbox Exporter?How does this service relate to the Prometheus Blackbox Exporter?

Our Exporter is based on the official Prometheus Blackbox Exporter. Beside operational metrics and integration in our accounting, we we provide more detailed HTTP metrics, most notable breakdown by request phases and redirect. We will try to contribute these changes back to the official Blackbox Exporter or release our open source exporter soon.


How do you bill me?How do you bill me?

We're using Stripe to securly process your payments. After adding a credit card, you can subscribe to on of our plans.

On each renewal your request balance gets topped up by the given number of requests. Requests from the prior subscription cycle expire.

How do I get exempt from VAT as business?How do I get exempt from VAT as business?

We are required to collect VAT from individual customer within the EU. If you're a business you can enter your VAT identification number in the dashboard's billing section to get exempt.

For existing subscription, the exemption get applies on the next billing cycle.

What happens if I upgrade?What happens if I upgrade?

You can subscribe to a bigger plan any time and we will prorate the subscription costs and start a new billing cycle. This will add the number of request of the new plan to your account balance.

Example: You're on the $50 plan and decide to upgrade to the $100 plan in the middle of your billing cycle. We will credit you $50 for the unused portion of the billing cycle, charge you the different of $50 and start a new billing cycle. This will set your balance to 15,000,000. One month later, the subscription renews and you get charged the full $100.

What happens if I downgrade?What happens if I downgrade?

You can also downgrade at any time, taking effect in the next billing cycle.

After downgrading you can still use up all your remaining credits until the end of your billing cycle. On the next cycle, you get charged the price of your new plan and unused credits expire.

What happens if I cancel my subscription?What happens if I cancel my subscription?

If you cancel your subscription, you can still use up all your remaining credits until the end of your billing cycle. After that, they'll expire and you won't be able to use the service anymore.