Off-premises insight for your on-premises Prometheus servers. measures performance and availability of your sites and services from multiple global locations and provides the results as Prometheus metrics.

Built for Prometheus operates a growing network of distributed probes providing performance and availability metrics. You can configure your Prometheus servers to collect these metrics for whatever target you are interested in.

Easy configuration

No need to manage external configuration. Setting up targets, resolution and probes all happens in your Prometheus config. No matter whether you run on Kubernetes, GCE, AWS or your private cloud. Find more detail and example configuration in the configuration section.

Flexible and Correct

Our probes can provide metrics for any target reachable over the public internet. Not only can it be used to monitor the speed of your websites or APIs but also remote services you might depend on or just be interested in their performance. On each request, the probes send out request to the configured target and return fresh, unaggregated metrics. Once ingested into Prometheus, the metrics can be aggregated, filtered and correlated.


Grafana Dashboard showing metrics

Multiple protocols

The probes run a modified version of the open source Prometheus Blackbox Exporter to provide metrics. It supports HTTP, HTTPS, DNS, TCP and ICMP probes. See the configuration section on all available checks and how to configure them. Support for custom GET parameters for HTTP and HTTPS checks. POST parameters and custom DNS queries coming soon!

Customer Driven

While we built with years of experience operating and monitoring sites with millions of users around the globe, we believe the best way to solve your problems is by listening to you. If you're using Prometheus but can't use our service we would love to hear from you. Need to monitor an unsupported protocol? Or prefer post-paid model? Talk to us!

Free Tier, Affordable Plans

With Prometheus, metrics are cheap so you can monitor everything and ask questions later. To enable you to follow this philosophy, we came up with one of the most affordable pricing in the SaaS monitoring industry. You need high resolution or want to monitor many targets? In our Advanced Plan you get 15 Million requests for $100, or 150.000 requests/$. To get you started or help you monitor your side projects, we offer a completely free plan for with 50k requests.

Plans for every need

$0/Month50,000 reqs~1.14 req/min
$15/Month1,000,000 reqs~22.83 req/min
$50/Month5,000,000 reqs~114.16 req/min
$100/Month15,000,000 reqs~342.47 req/min

Get started with our free Plan

Subscribe to a plan to get monthly request credits. The free Plan includes 50,000 Requests (~1.14 req/min).
Need something custom? Talk to us.  For EU individuals, plus regional VAT rate.